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Our Services

Our independent status enables us to prioritize our client’s needs above all others. Through objective investment selection, a custom fee schedule, and coordination of your financial professionals, we create an individual solution applying the following services:

Financial Planning

Clients have important life, family and professional goals. However, coordinating all the financial resources to meet those goals is time intensive. We remove the time and stress burden from your life by creating and managing (when appropriate) an ongoing financial plan. Our custom plans are designed specifically to help you reach your short- and long-term goals.

Estates and Trusts

You work hard for your money. Simple decisions can be the difference between your beneficiaries receiving the full value of your legacy or paying a significant portion elsewhere-such as the IRS. We guide you through the estate and trust process and manage your portfolio to best support your long-term goals.

Charitable and Gift Planning

Supporting causes and people that are important to you provide some of the most rewarding moments in life. We work with you to develop a portfolio and giving strategy to maximize the value of your gift so your generosity benefits your important causes as well as your tax bill. One-time gifts and long-term income streams can be created to support the continued success of these meaningful organizations.


If you are like most investors, your primary retirement goal is to create a financial plan that will allow you to fill your golden years with the people, places and activities most important to you. We help investors plan, save and invest for retirement. Once you retire, we develop a portfolio that creates a regular income stream to fund your lifestyle.