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Financial Planning

You are more likely to reach your destination if you know where you’re headed and have directions to get there. Developing a comprehensive financial plan can provide a critical step in achieving your financial and life goals. RBF Wealth Advisors' main priority is to create a custom plan, uniquely designed for your needs, financial situation and life goals.

Our extensive knowledge helps us develop a plan that ensures all of your financial resources and professionals are constantly working to support your current and future goals.

This plan is not a one-time document occupying space in a drawer. It is a dynamic roadmap that guides us to actively manage your portfolio, continually assess your financial situation and frequently benchmark your goals.

Step 1 - Understand Your Needs

Step 1 - Understand Your Needs

RBF Wealth Advisors' first priority is to develop an accurate and detailed grasp of your situation. To do this, we develop:

  • An extensive inventory of your assets and liabilities
  • An in-depth understanding of your personal, family and professional goals
Step 2 - Develop a Custom and Comprehensive Plan

Step 2 - Develop a Custom and Comprehensive Plan

Based on your unique needs, we aim to develop a personalized and thorough financial plan that helps you:

  • Minimize taxes through tax and investing strategies
  • Manage debt and cash flow
  • Accumulate wealth
  • Plan for large expenses such as Retirement, Education, Large Purchases, etc.
  • Protect your assets through insurance
  • Leave a legacy for the people and causes most important to you
Step 3 - Active Review and Adjustment

Step 3 - Active Review and Adjustment

After finalizing your plan, we apply it to your financial resources and relentlessly pursue success through:

  • Active portfolio management
  • Regular meetings/conversations about progress and changes
  • Annual comprehensive evaluation of your needs