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Investment Process

RBF Wealth Advisors' sole mission is to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of our investors’ current and future goals, and
  • Formulate a customized solution to help reach them.

We designed our four-step investment process to ensure your financial resources are constantly working to support your goals.

Step 1 – In-depth Analysis

A detailed and ongoing understanding of your short- and long-term life and financial goals is critical to successfully developing a portfolio to meet your needs. We do not rely on a short pencil survey. Rather, we dedicate substantial time over several one-on-one meetings to gather an accurate and in-depth picture of your financial needs.

Step 2 – Custom Portfolio Recommendation/Transparent Fee Schedule/Engagement

Working from a specific understanding of your needs, we develop a custom portfolio recommendation (Learn more about our Investment Philosophy). In addition, we outline how we will work together and present a custom, transparent fee schedule. Individualizing your fee schedule allows us to charge you the lowest rate possible based on your portfolio needs--as opposed to a one-size fits all fee that may charge you for services you don’t need or use.

Step 3 – Asset Transfer/Strategic Investment

After signing the engagement letter, we transfer your assets to our broker dealer or our third party custodian. As part of our customized process, we may not immediately invest your capital. Instead, we strategically monitor the market and gradually invest your assets into your personalized portfolio as market conditions allow. Our independent structure gives us the objectivity and client-focus to prioritize your needs above all other interests and assemble the portfolio that best supports your life goals.

Step 4 – Monitor/Review/Update

A portfolio is only as effective as the attention you give it. We actively manage your portfolio, continually evaluating the quality of the securities it holds and the market conditions it is operating within. To keep your investments on track, it is essential that we remain in communication with you so we are current on your short- and long-term goals and overall financial picture. We also coordinate with your other financial advisors to ensure that all your financial resources are continuously positioned to support your current and future goals.