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Michael Meara

Michael Meara

Personal CFO and Wealth Advisor

“Entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs build and manage their wealth is in my DNA”

I grew up in the St. Louis, MO and my dad was a partner in a small manufacturing and fabrication company. I began working in the warehouse for his company during the summer when I was 14. Not only did I learn lot’s of interesting life lessons working in that dirty, sweaty, smelly place, I learned about managing money and running a small business. Back then I had no clue about how my experiences and some of the simple lessons I learned would inform my career choice and continue to inform my life.

Inspired by my family business and work experience I joined the financial planning industry in it’s infancy over 30 years ago and began helping and learning how to help small business CEO’s manage and build their personal wealth. I was fortunate that early in my career I had the opportunity to help my dad’s business start a 401-K, improve and lower the cost of their employee benefits, revise and fund their buy & sell agreement and ultimately help my dad invest and the manage his proceeds from the sale of the company.

I continue to provide these services today for my clients and now have decades of experience and success creating and adding value to businesses; my clients and my own, and helping entrepreneurs and executives manage their financial resources. Naturally my approach has evolved as my experience and awareness has and what I now do for my clients is act as their Personal CFO and Wealth Advisor. I’m who my clients can go to when they have financial, insurance, investment or tax related questions or decisions to make about their personal or business-related matters. I’m a trusted resource and mentor with the experience and expertise they want and need to grow and manage their wealth.

I’m also a dad with 2 sons in their 20’s and a former soccer, basketball, and flag football coach. I have for many years, and continue to volunteer in my community. Nature is my refuge and I have been blessed to have had and shared hundreds of adventures and experiences witnessing and experiencing the endless beauty and wonder of our planet.