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Our Value Proposition

Our mission is to know you so well that we deliver life changing results.

Many people wonder how we do this.

The centerpiece is the financial roadmap, a plan that enables us to help you get from point A to point B, with your wealth. For most people, a ‘financial destination’ is a goal such as: educating children, retiring comfortably or traveling more frequently. These are the waypoints on your roadmap.

We want a snapshot of your dreams. Spending time with you helps us visualize that snapshot. For example, if travel is your goal, we want to know if you want to see America, or see the world. A clear picture of your dreams gives us the best chance of helping you get there.

After creating the roadmap, we use our resources, our research, our experience and our wisdom to help you reach your financial objectives. There is an abundance of information and research at our fingertips. Wisdom is the ability to put facts into perspective and apply them to your needs. Wisdom is earned through years of experience.

While we make it sound simple, the process is actually quite complicated and time consuming. However, it’s our job to simplify your life, from a financial standpoint. We deliver results and information regularly so that you understand where you are and how you are getting to your destination. We meet on a schedule you prefer to report progress and find out what other important financial issues are on your agenda.

The final piece of the value we deliver is the most important: care. We care a great deal about the process and the results. At RBF Wealth Advisors, we are proud of our longstanding history and reputation. We want you to retain us as your advisor for a long, long time. If we do a terrific job for you, there's a good chance that you will care enough to introduce us to your family, your friends and your co-workers, who you also want to enjoy the same kind of life-changing results that we deliver to you.